This section is dedicated to a collection of short films i have completed and am currently developing between projects.



The Curse Of The Last Child.

A criminal unwittingly awakens an ancient curse in a tale of greed and consequence.

The curse of the last child had its premiere at the Melbourne international animation festival.



It cam from over there!!!

Two flatmates unwittingly see what looks like a UFO land in the quarry behind their house.  Whilst investigating further, one is abducted leaving the other to attempt a daring rescue.

The film was a winner of Comedyfest award 2009.



Cursed Rik.

Cursed Rik is a proposed pilot that i’m im hoping to dvelop into a series of 10×1 minute episodes.  It follows the trials a tribulations of a less than fortunate character called Rik.



The little thief.

What’s the punishment for stealing a toy?  A cautionary tale for the light fingered.

The little thief is the only animated short to date to receive lottery funding through the UK Film Councils completion fund, and was awarded a blow up print to 35mm as one of the winners of the CFX short film award.